Dr Colin Brown, Director of Engineering at the Institution of Mechanical Engineers, said in response to the launch of the Government’s Industrial Strategy:

“The Government’s Industrial Strategy makes some positive recommendations, with regards to investing in skills and innovation in particular.



“Government needs now to show joined up thinking on how we can deliver on these ambitions. While it is welcome that Government is providing £406 million to help address the shortage of Science, Technology, Engineering and Maths (STEM) skills, it is vital that this funding is made in the right places. Currently few schools are integrating engineering into their teaching and the wider school culture, which is leading to students developing a vague and incoherent understanding of the profession, its career opportunities and what it does for society. With Brexit on the horizon and the ticking time-bomb of the retiring baby-boomer generation of engineers, it has never been more important to think seriously about how to find, inspire and nurture the engineers of tomorrow ― how we frame engineering in mainstream school education rather than simply relying on serendipity and volunteerism to inspire the next generation.” 

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