Smart switching – adapted braking. New electronic braking torque regulation for ROBA-stop® safety brakes

The new, intelligent braking torque control module by mayr® power transmission makes it possible to decelerate devices and machines evenly and gently. This innovative and economically attractive solution is pre-destined for application in smart, interconnected machines. Nobody would even think of using the handbrake or parking brake when a car is going at full speed. In order to decelerate the car as required, a driver would use the foot brake. Gradual, even deceleration is also often desired for devices and machine applications with dynamic braking actions. However, as safety brakes – in contrast to car brakes – can only distinguish between two operating conditions due to their design, namely ‘braking torque present’ and ‘no braking torque present’, every braking procedure is carried out with the maximum braking torque available. With the new, intelligent braking torque control module, mayr® power transmission offer an economically attractive solution to generate a variable braking torque for ROBA-stop® safety brakes, making it possible to decelerate machines evenly and gently. Continuous braking torque changes when in operation Up to now, brakes have been dimensioned with regard to the maximum load where devices with variable loads, for example forklift trucks, are concerned. However, it is not always expedient to work with the full braking torque. In case of partial loads, a stronger deceleration than necessary can lead to damage to the transported goods or even to sliding of the wheels. If, however, the system detects the operating conditions and converts this information into a default signal for the new, intelligent control module by mayr® power transmission, electronic braking torque regulation is possible. Using the new system,...

Acorn acknowledged as a leading THK Specialist

THK the world’s leading manufacturer of linear motion products has awarded Acorn Industrial Services Ltd their prestigious ‘Class A’ distributorship status, recognising Acorn as one of their premier distributors within Europe. The award marks a significant achievement for Acorn and is testament to their professionalism and authority in the field of linear motion. Simon Gillingham, Acorn’s Linear Product Specialist explains, “Being awarded a Class A distributorship from THK is a substantial achievement for Acorn, it acknowledges our commitment to the THK brand and recognises our ability to respond promptly to enquiries, provide the highest level of technical expertise and solutions for our customers and supply orders quickly and accurately.” Acorn’s specialist linear division has grown by over 225% in the last five years and holds over £500,000 worth of THK linear stock – making it the largest stockist of THK linear motion products in the UK. A large part of the company’s success is attributed to their strong company ethos of providing customers with a full linear technical service and ensuring customers receive the right linear solutions for their application.  ...

New Industry Names ‘Break the Mould’

It isn’t often these days that a completely new name emerges in the Power Transmission industry – less still, two new names! Drive Parts Direct and Steigentech. What’s more, Drive Parts Direct represents completely new thinking – a fully web-based PT sales operation. Its sophisticated E-Commerce platform offers convenience, value, and large stocks of belts, matting and chain – available to order 24 hours-a-day. Although Steigentech is a new brand in Europe, for Transmission Belts and Matting, it is produced by one of the largest rubber products manufacturers globally, to exacting standards. Their main factory is the largest rubber belt production unit, under one roof, in the world, and uses the very latest machinery and technology. The range comprises Classical and Wedge belts, in both Envelope and REC form, along with Multi-Rib Belts, Timing Belts, and the new Turf Drive garden machinery belts. They also produce a comprehensive range of rubber sheeting and matting. Drive Parts Direct is the ‘brainchild’ of Nigel Rose, a well-known figure in the PT business, and he operates from a well-stocked, modern, warehouse and office facility in Ipswich. Nigel has teamed up with Steigentech to promote their products in the UK and Ireland, along with a complimentary range of PT ironware, including Diamond Sapphire chain. Nigel has watched the trend in on-line business over the last few years, and has positioned the product range as a serious value for money proposition. “The whole concept is based around keeping costs, and administration, to a minimum” he commented; “whilst I am delighted to talk to my customers, if they need technical help, all orders are placed...

Romax helps leading research university design a brand new optimised two-drive transmission

Technische Universität Darmstadt is a German research university with an outstanding reputation. Focused on helping industry meet the challenges it faces, technology is at the heart of its research and teaching. TU Darmstadt’s Institute for Mechatronic Systems in Mechanical Engineering (IMS) aims to deliver innovation and to drive progress through the interaction of classical mechanical engineering, electrical engineering and computer science, with “systems thinking” at the forefront of its approach. As part of this, IMS is using Romax modeling, simulation and analysis capabilities to support the development of novel engineering concepts
- including transmissions for hybrid vehicles, for which RomaxDESIGNER’s system- level analysis is critical. “We used Romax within the development process for
a new transmission system for electric range-extended vehicles,” says Ruben
König, Research Associate, IMS. Transmission design was carried out using RomaxDESIGNER software to create simulations and enable efficiency analysis. “Efficiency maps of transmissions can be very hard to calculate, so we needed Romax to provide this information.” Driving innovation in the powertrain The geographical range of electric vehicles (EVs) is limited by battery capacity, and this is often suggested as a reason why initial uptake of EVs by consumers has been sluggish. “We wanted to maximise the efficiency of the powertrain to extend the range of a vehicle in electric mode, and look at further extending the range by add- ing an internal combustion engine (ICE),” König explains. “This led to an innovative two-drive transmission concept for a powertrain, with the promise of high levels of efficiency in both electric and hybrid driving modes.” The research is supported by public funds from Germany’s Federal Ministry for Economic Affairs and Energy (Bun- desministerium für...

They don’t leave you out in the cold!

EAS®-torque limiting clutches by mayr® power transmission for low temperatures down to -48°C   Raw materials extraction in Siberia and Mongolia at daytime temperatures of far below zero degrees Celsius presents enormous challenges to machines and all their components. Standard designs quickly reach their limits here. mayr® power transmission has now further developed its EAS®-element clutches so that they are also suitable for use at very low temperatures. Extensive trials confirm the functionality of the clutches at low temperatures of -48°C.   Your breath crackles and freezes; you have the sensation of walking over broken glass as you go over the snow, and truck engines run continuously from October through to April, day and night, otherwise they would freeze up. In Siberia, the cold dominates major parts of everyday life; the temperatures can drop during the nine winter months to -50°C. Here lie not only the coldest inhabited locations of the earth – Siberia, like Mongolia, is one of the regions of the world most rich in raw materials. Machines, which are deployed there for the extraction and preparation of raw materials, such as coal and ores, are subjected to extreme conditions. Cold-resistant constructions are required. “With high-strength, through-hardened components, cold weather embrittlement increases the risk of component breakage; there is hardly any specialist information available for reliable theoretical dimensioning of these components”, explains Helmut Kleinheinz, Sales Manager at mayr® power transmission. “This means that further queries must always be made for applications in low temperature areas. Reliable statements can only be made if the constructions are also tested under the conditions which await them in real application cases”....
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