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P&TR is the UK’s leading trade publication, which primarily targets the Power Transmissions Industry  Independent Distributor, including OEM’s and Designer’s. With a free circulation to over 3,000  nationally, including Northern Ireland, mostly named personnel from within this industry sector, we have brought our experience of P&TR to help realise the potential of this important customer group to you, the advertiser.

First time Advertiser’s we are delighted to be able to offer discounted rates, across all our media options (outlined on thecurrent Advertising Rate Card – see Media Pack). Also, we are able to offer you the services of our exceptional, graphically-trained creative team at very competitive rates (Call for details).

Please see our latest P&TR Media Pack for additional details, which includes all technical specifications for ‘artwork supplied... Click here to download

We strive to ensure that P&TR magazine is driven by your needs, to support your industry at its very best, so if you have any ‘Feature’ suggestions, exciting news, or editorial content you would like to put forward, we would be delighted to hear from you.

 P&TR Advertising  Programme for 2015 and beyond

We very much look forward to hearing and welcoming you to P&TR.

Issue Date Editorial & Pictures Due Avertiser's Artwork Due Published on
69 Nov/Dec '15 Fri, 13th Nov 2015 Fri, 27th Nov 2015 Mon, 14th Dec 2015
70 Jan/Feb '16 Fri, 15th Jan 2016 Fri, 29th Jan 2016 Mon, 15th Feb 2016
71 Mar/April '16 Fri, 18th March 2016 Fri, 1st April 2016 Mon, 18th April 2016
72 May/June '16 Fri, 20th May 2016 Fri, 3rd June 2016 Mon, 20th June 2016
73 July/Aug'16 Fri, 15th July 2016 Fri, 29th July 2016 Mon, 15th Aug 2016
74 Sept/Oct '16 Fri, 16th Sept 2016 Fri, 30th Sept 2016 Mon, 17th Oct 2016
75 Nov/Dec '16 Fri, 11th Nov 2016 Fri, 25th Nov 2016 Mon, 12th Dec 2016
76 Jan/Feb '17 Fri, 13th Jan 2017 Fri, 27th Jan 2017 Mon, 13th Feb 2017
77 Mar/April '17
Fri, 17th Mar 2017
Fri, 24th March 2017
Wed, 19th April 2017
78 May/June '17
Fri, 19th May 2017
Fri, 26th May 2017
Wed, 21st June 2017
79 July/Aug '17 Fri, 21st July 2017 Fri, 28th July 2017 Wed, 23rd Aug 2017
80 Sept/Oct '16 Fri, 15th Sept 2017 Fri, 22nd Sept 2017 Wed, 18th Oct 2017
81 Nov/Dec '17 Fri, 10th Nov 2017 Fri, 17th Nov 2017 Wed, 13th Dec 2017
82 Jan/Feb '18 TBA TBA TBA
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