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Maxim Integrated’s AI Accelerator IC honored with “embedded award” at embedded world 2021 DIGITAL

The MAX78000 neural-network microcontroller was awarded for moving artificial intelligence to the edge without compromising performance in battery-powered IoT devices.

Maxim Integrated’s AI Accelerator IC honored with “embedded award” at embedded world 2021 DIGITAL

Maxim Integrated Products, Inc. (NASDAQ: MXIM) is the proud winner of the prestigious “embedded award 2021”. During the embedded world 2021 DIGITAL Exhibition&Conference (March 1-5, 2021), the company was awarded by the top-class expert jury for its MAX78000 low-power, neural-network microcontroller. Maxim received the prize during an online ceremony on March 3 during the virtual show.

The jury was especially impressed by the outstanding performance of Maxim’s AI accelerator IC. The microcontroller executes AI inferences at less than 1/100th the energy of software solutions which dramatically improves run-time for battery-powered AI applications. The power improvements come with no compromise in latency or cost, as the MAX78000 executes inferences 100x faster than software solutions running on low power microcontrollers, at a fraction of the cost of FPGA or GPU solutions. This is paving the way for complex new AI use cases which previously had been considered impossible and is enabling machines to see and hear complex patterns with local, low-power AI processing that executes in real-time.

“We feel very honored to have been presented with the embedded award 2021”, said Ruth Hernández, Vice President of EMEA Sales and Applications at Maxim Integrated, who accepted the award at the virtual ceremony. “The MAX78000 is an outstanding AI microcontroller built to enable neural networks to execute at ultra-low power. We are delighted to see our technology being recognized by the independent jury of this prestigious award.”

Maxim showcases the MAX78000 low-power, neural-network microcontroller at embedded world 2021 DIGITAL. In a special demo, visitors can learn how Maxim’s AI technology is used for face and keyword identification and experience an AI camera (MAXCAM) in action. For details regarding Maxim’s presence at embedded world, visit

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