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BCN3D News

And the iF Design Award goes to…the BCN3D Epsilon!

At BCN3D, we strive to create printers that are both professional and pleasing to the eye, and carry these efforts throughout all our teams working on industrialization, products, quality, production and more! We are thrilled to have been recognized in the product discipline by winning an iF Design Award.


Interroll launches new sorting system on the market

Sant'Antonino, Switzerland. March 8, 2021. Interroll has added a system for a wide range of potential users to its successful range of automated sortation solutions with the launch of a new drop tray sorter, the Split Tray Sorter MT015S. The new product makes it easier for companies to enter the e-commerce market or can be used as a flexible addition to existing sortation solutions, for example in the fashion industry, the pharmaceutical industry, and for parcel service providers

Dürr Systems AG News

Dürr installs first automatic painting line in Uruguay

Dürr installs an automatic painting line for its customer Nordex, which is based in Montevideo, Uruguay. Nordex has been producing vehicles in Uruguay since 1962 for different OEMs. The company contracted Dürr for its new Peugeot SUV and Kia Bongo line to fulfil all demands in quality and precision.


Prominent role of TSN in the digital transformation discussed at the ARC Advisory Group’s latest event

The CC-Link Partner Association (CLPA) will hold an online workshop on the benefits of Time-Sensitive Networking (TSN) for future-oriented manufacturing at the ARC Industry Forum Europe. During the online event, which will take place on 18-19 May 2021, the organisation will showcase the potential of TSN and key real-world industrial applications of this technology to industry-leading manufacturers.

Schaffner News

Schaffner announce new EMC Filter for regenerative applications

Schaffner, the international leader in the fields of electromagnetic compatibility and power quality announce the introduction of the new FN3840 for use in Active Infeed Converter (AIC) or Active Front End (AFE) applications where energy is fed back to the power grid.

Mitsubishi Electric News

Total Automated Solutions joins Drive Solutions Centre network

Mitsubishi Electric welcomes Total Automated Solutions (TAS) to its Drive Solutions Centre (DSC), a network of leading drives and automation specialists. This strategic agreement will enable TAS to provide an even more comprehensive service offering to its customers, enhancing their competitiveness.

GE News

GE Research and the US Department of Defense Partner on 5G Initiative to Create Smart Warehouses

Home to one of the nation’s first cross-industry 5G testbeds on it research campus in Upstate New York, GE Research, the technology development arm of the General Electric Company (GE), officially launched two projects as part of the U.S. Department of Defense’s (DOD) recently announced $600 million 5G initiative.

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