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Bosch Rexroth to Highlight Power and Performance of Hägglunds Drive Technology at International Elastomer Conference 2021

Bosch Rexroth’s Hägglunds hydraulic direct drive systems have provided high flexibility in rubber manufacturing for decades. (Image source: Bosch Rexroth AG). Bosch Rexroth will showcase multiple high-performance Hägglunds hydraulic motors in booth 2043 at International Elastomer Conference (IEC) 2021, October 5-7, at the David L. Lawrence Convention Center in Pittsburgh, PA.

Bosch Rexroth to Highlight Power and Performance of Hägglunds Drive Technology at International Elastomer Conference 2021

At IEC, Bosch Rexroth will have exhibits that detail the advanced capabilities of the company’s proven Hägglunds products that are ideal for applications needing high torque and low or variable speed. Compact and gearless, Hägglunds hydraulic direct drive products have been serving rubber manufacturers for decades.

In Booth 2043, Bosch experts will also provide details on several Hägglunds offerings:

Reliability in many more applications: With their rugged design and remarkable torque capabilities, Hägglunds hydraulic drive systems simply keep things moving.

Hägglunds Atom hydraulic motor: For applications where both compact size and high power density are required. With a maximum torque of up to 13.6 kNm and a specific torque of 40 Nm/bar, the Hägglunds Atom hydraulic motor supplies full torque at speeds up to 400 rpm, enabling it to supply a maximum power of 394 kW that outstrips other motors in its class.

Hägglunds CB hydraulic direct drive motors: Tough and rugged with a wide range of sizes and displacements, the Hägglunds CB range is suitable for many heavy-duty applications, such as mixers, roll mills, calenders and extruders. It combines space-saving designs and versatile mounting options with a wide range of sizes and displacements to enable optimization of the drive system when selecting the motor and the hydraulic pump combinations.

“There are many technical solutions today that improve productivity and competitiveness for our customers,”
said Håkan Angerbjörn, Rubber Industry Sector Manager at Bosch Rexroth.

IEC attendees can visit the booth to meet one-on-one with Hägglunds technology experts to discuss the unique challenges and requirements they have in rubber applications. Be sure to ask about the new Hägglunds quick-stop valve used in roll mills. In addition, experts can provide practical recommendations and new ideas about how Hägglunds technology can help maximize uptime and improve operational efficiency.

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