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Disc couplings for test, measurement and inspection systems

Ruland disc couplings are zero-backlash, have high torque and torsional stiffness, and can accommodate all forms of misalignment, making them well suited to the requirements of test, measurement and inspection systems. Single and double disc styles are available, allowing the designer to tailor coupling performance to application requirements.

Disc couplings for test, measurement and inspection systems

Disc couplings from Ruland in single and double disc styles and in clamp screw and set screw designs

Disc couplings are comprised of two anodized aluminum hubs and multiple thin flat stainless steel disc springs. Single style disc couplings mate the hubs directly with the disc springs. Their short length makes them ideal for applications with space constraints, but they cannot accommodate any parallel misalignment. Designers must ensure that misalignment can be tightly controlled to use a single disc coupling. Double styles are manufactured with a center spacer made from anodized aluminum for high torque or acetal for electric isolation. This design allows the two sets of disc springs to operate independently from each other for accommodation of all forms of misalignment. Electrically isolating options are important for some test, measurement and inspection systems where electrical transmission from the motor to the ball screw, lead screw or gearbox could cause errors in data readings or have other negative impacts on the system.

Disc couplings have similar performance characteristics to bellows couplings with slightly less torque in exchange for better misalignment capabilities. They have a balanced design capable of speeds up to 10,000 rpm without excess vibrations that can compromise readings in test, measurement and inspection systems.

Disc couplings are available in clamp screw and set screw designs with inch, metric and inch to metric bore sizes, with or without keyways, ranging from 1/8 inch to 1-1/4 inches and 3 mm to 32 mm. They are carefully manufactured in Ruland’s factory in Marlborough, Massachusetts, under strict controls using proprietary processes. Disc couplings are part of Ruland’s motion control coupling product line which also includes beam, controlflex, bellows, oldham, slit and zero-backlash jaw. Full product specifications including free downloadable CAD files, installation instructions with videos and application examples can be found at


  • Zero-backlash operation with high torque and torsional rigidity
  • Comprised of anodized aluminum for lightweight and low inertia
  • Single disc style for compact installations
  • Double disc style for increased misalignment accommodation and reduced bearing loads
  • Capable of high speeds up to 10,000 rpm
  • RoHS3 and REACH compliant
  • Carefully made in Ruland’s factory in the USA and available for immediate delivery

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