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Applications in the healthcare market – such as dental tools, respiratory and ventilation equipment, and other medical devices – pose unique challenges for the motors that drive them, and manufacturers often have to make trade-offs between performance and size. But with Delta Line’s new high-speed series of slotless, brushless DC (BLDC) motors, manufacturers can now achieve the speed, power, size, and efficiency they need without compromise – so their devices perform better and last longer, while satisfying the need for doctor and patient comfort.


The optimized design of the Delta Line' slotless BLDC motors give them best-in-class performance for high-speed applications. These slotless BLDC motors can operate at speeds of 70,000 rpm, with options available that allow speeds over 100,000 rpm.

These incredibly high speeds are possible thanks to a specific design of the magnets and windings, which helps ensure a low temperature rise. The mechanical design includes balancing and the use of a preloaded bearing system, which also contributes to thermal management, extending the life of the motor and reducing the temperature of the motor housing. And a cooler motor housing means less heat is transferred to the user’s device (such as a dental drill or ventilator), making it more suitable and comfortable for doctor and patient. The specific rotor balancing, along with the slotless motor design, also ensures that our new high-speed BLDC motors have low noise emissions, to meet health and safety standards and requirements for patient comfort.

The new high-speed series BLDC motors are available with power ratings up to 100 W in a 16mm diameter size and up to 150 W in a 22 mm diameter size. And with efficiencies up to 92 percent, they’re ideal for battery-powered applications where long charge and battery life are critical. In addition to their high-speed capabilities, these motors have a mechanical time constant as low as 1 to 2 ms for very fast responsiveness and high acceleration.

Delta Line’s new high-speed series BLDC motors can be customized to meet specific requirements – from custom shaft or flange variations to special coil or cable designs. The high-speed motors can also be provided with temperature sensors, hall sensors, or sensorless commutation, and with high-speed encoders, gearboxes, and drivers. Delta Line’s design and engineering staff are also able to design motors that integrate directly into a customer’s system, for the most compact, efficient device possible.

Advantages at a glance:
  • Operating speed up to 70,000 rpm; option for speed over 100,000 rpm
  • Power up to 150 W in 22 mm diameter; 100 W in 16 mm diameter
  • Efficiency up to 92%
  • Low temperature rise, even at high-speed operation
  • Low noise

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