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Cable assembly, easy and efficient

With the partial automation of work steps, time-intensive work such as the processing of cables can be carried out more efficiently. The new CUTFIX PRO as a purely electrical driven machine is supporting the semi-automatic cable confectioning in terms of cutting various conductors. Robust and compactly built, it fits on a single DIN A4 page and features fast processing times and flexible application options. It can cut conductors to length with the cross-section range of 0.08 mm2 to 10 mm2 (AWG 40-8) or an outside diameter of up to 8 mm.

Cable assembly, easy and efficient
The especially compact CUTFIX PRO enables simple and precise cutting to length of flexible conductors in the cross-section range 0.08 to 10.00 mm² (AWG 40-8).

Cable assembly in panel building is labour- and cost-intensive. The new automatic cutting machine as a single CUTFIX PRO or upgrade with the optional feeding unit as a CUTFIX PRO FEEDER automate the work step of “cutting cables to length”. Thereby reduced processing times lead to cost downs and increases the overall efficiency significantly. Both types of machines are quick, simple and flexible for all users whether in the workshop or on site. By simply connecting the mains, the purely electrical driven machines are instantly ready for usage. Cutting jobs can be easily imported in different ways. Either via the accompanying software CUTFIX PRO MANAGER or quickly and easily entered directly on the machine's 5-inch colour touch display.

The menu navigation is designed to be “app-like”, fast and intuitive, so it only takes a few clicks to get directly to get started with the cutting jobs. This makes it easy to create complete projects directly on the machine. All key aspects such as single jobs, complete projects or certain messages are visualized on the big colour display of the machine. The conductor to be cut to length is simply inserted into feeding tube of the CUTFIX PRO.

The metal rollers – partitioned in a transportation and a measuring roller – are safely catching the conductor and ensure a precise cutting result regardless the repetition rate. In addition, the contact pressure can be adjusted if necessary. The machine's horizontal working plane permits an optimal view of the working area and thus highly ergonomic, especially when the user is standing. The CUTFIX PRO is robust in design, as its interior is made completely robust metal components. The machines feature low wear and a long service life. The service menu includes a service counter that indicates the required maintenance intervals.

As an option, the machines can be upgraded with a multiple feeding unit and become the CUTFIX PRO FEEDER, for up to twelve conductors of different cross-sections – eleven times in the cross-section range 0.5-2.5 mm² and one in the range 4.0-10.0 mm². The feeder enables to process complex projects that are sequentially conducted without the need to change the conductor.

At first, the different conductors have to be trained in the machine software, then the conductor/cross-section change takes place automatically. After each cross-section change, an automatic zero cut is initiated to ensure maximum length accuracy. Different conductors can be processed one after the other based on the predefined within the project list. When using the CUTFIX PRO, either individual orders or complete projects can be processed automatically by saving a considerable amount of time. Especially in combination with the multiple feeding unit the cutting machine offers advantages that were previously only available with the use of fully automatic machines.

Cable assembly, easy and efficient
As an option, the machines can be supplemented with a multiple feeder, the CUTFIX PRO FEEDER, for up to twelve conductors of different cross-sections.

Both machines are equipped with different interfaces (USB, serial, Ethernet) as standard. This allows project data to be transferred to the machine in several ways. In addition, both versions can be easily integrated into the Weidmüller Wire Processing Center (WPC). The software included in the scope of delivery can be used to manage, document and transfer cutting jobs with a PC.

The CUTFIX PRO weighs approx.10 kg and is compact in size. It measures 250 mm in height and width and 300 mm in depth. For the CUTFIX PRO FEEDER the relevant dimensions are 13.5 kg by 370mm depth and 300mm width.

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