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Stemmer imaging News

Common Vision Blox: Prototyping with Python

Prototyping is an important part of developing machine vision solutions. In addition to allowing developers to explore and learn about the problem in hand, it enables interim solutions to be presented to a customer or stakeholder to make sure everything is going in the right direction. In this way, everyone can see how the proposed solution would work and understand how a project is progressing with the added benefit that a better estimation of time and cost for the final solution can be provided.

Hexagon Manufacturing Intelligence News

FTI squeezes time-to-market for sheet metal parts with 3D die scanning and design productivity tools

Forming Technologies (FTI), part of Hexagon’s Manufacturing Intelligence division, has announced new virtual manufacturing capabilities that improve productivity setting up sheet metal process simulation with CAD design interoperability and Hexagon 3D scanning.

Voith News

Paper machine for sustainable wet wipes by Voith and Trützschler for Papel Aralar S.A

The Spanish paper factory Papel Aralar commissioned Voith and the nonwoven fabric expert Trützschler Nonwovens to deliver a new system for specialty paper production. The PM 5 was developed as a joint project by both companies specifically for the wiping cloth industry. Delivery is planned for September 2020.

Weidmueller News

SPE System Alliance: Cross-industry and cross-application alliance for Single Pair Ethernet technology

The technology partnership between Phoenix Contact, Weidmüller, Reichle & De-Massari (R&M), Fluke Networks, and Telegärtner for the Single Pair Ethernet (SPE) has progressed to create the SPE System Alliance. In this group, leading technology companies from various industries and fields of application have come together to bundle their respective SPE expertise and ensure the target-oriented exchange of this knowledge. The partners in this group are pursuing the goal of driving the development of SPE further forward for the Industrial Internet of Things (IIoT) and may branch out to other areas as well. The System Alliance has now also been joined by Datwyler, Kyland, Microchip Technology, Rosenberger, SICK, O-Ring, Draka/Prysmian Group, and University 4 Industry.

Konecranes News

Konecranes retrofits Auto-TOS Reporting on other crane brands for customer SAGT

Konecranes Port Solutions is changing the container handling playing field by giving container terminal operators the ability to retrofit powerful intelligence on their existing container cranes that would not otherwise be available.

Advantech News

Advantech Partners With Trell Technologies to Provide Smart Monitoring to Cover New Buildings' 5-year warranty

Advantech a global leader in IoT, announces a successful collaboration with Trell Technologies that delivered a truly open, flexible and scalable smart building solution. Building owners can monitor key elements during the 5-year new building warranty period and beyond. The results of the partnership provide a proof of concept that highlights the companies' ability to co-create a future-proof solution for the customer.

Sigfox News

Loscam, Asia-Pacific’s largest pallet pooling and returnable packaging provider, transforms operations with Thinxtra’s IoT “Track and Trace” solution

This case study is a contribution from Thinxtra, the 0G network operator for Australia, New Zealand, Hong Kong and Macau. Thinxtra, together with local solution partners, provide end-to-end, fit for purpose IoT solutions powered by Sigfox technology. The Thinxtra and Loscam teams worked closely together to achieve significant operational efficiency gains with an industrial IoT solution.

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