NORD Drivesystems

New Product: Service with APP

NORD DRIVESYSTEMS goes mobile: With the NORDCON APP and the corresponding "NORDAC ACCESS BT" Bluetooth stick the drive specialist has created a mobile commissioning and service solution for all NORD drives.

NORD Drivesystems

Innovative drive solutions for the digital revolution

Intelligent drive technology is the prerequisite for digitalisation and automation of production, because it enables networked or autonomous production processes in "smart factories" and keeps them running. As a leading supplier in the sector, NORD DRIVESYSTEMS provides pioneering drive solutions (hardware and software) and supports customers with its communication and application know-how for networking and connection of their Industry 4.0 environments.


Sliding along on water

Machine bearings are usually lubricated with various oils.

Red Lion

Red Lion Adds Signal Conditioner Devices

Empowering Long-Distance Signal Strength in Demanding Processes and Environments


Practical Gear Engineering

Now Available: Gleason’s latest Practical Gear Engineering textbook, a comprehensive guide to help meet the challenges of today’s most common gear design and manufacturing issues.

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