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E-Motion on the bike

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Innovative System Solutions for Process Automation

Finding solutions to complex problems requires considerable expertise, particularly where hazardous areas are concerned. Whether using sensor technology from industrial applications or highly flexible enclosures for explosion protection—only those with the requisite knowledge of the relevant subject area can offer the ideal customer solution. Pepperl+Fuchs's many years of experience in factory automation and process automation enable the company to adapt to customer requirements and bring the right products on the market.


BTC14 Box Thin Client

The industrial box thin clients from Pepperl+Fuchs are a reliable and rugged generation of computers for visualizing process information. They have been specially developed for use in harsh conditions and 24/7 operation in industrial environments.


NSK holds successful European Distributor Convention 2019

In the beautiful and historical town of Dubrovnik, Croatia, NSK hosted its 2019 European Distributor Conference. Over 100 delegates from distribution partners across all EMEA regions attended the 3-day-event to share information and network.


Pepperl+Fuchs Releases the 6100 Series Motor Purge

The new motor purge/large enclosure system is the latest member of Pepperl+Fuchs’ Bebco® EPS purge and pressurization family.

B&R News

Multitenancy for B&R cloud application

With the ability to process data from their machines and sell the resulting data back to their customers, OEMs can now implement new business models.


Autonomous gripping

Industrial gripping is about to undergo a fundamental upheaval. Whereas until now the pickup and depositing positions of workpieces, their geometry and the relevant gripping parameters always needed to be defined manually, in future gripping systems will handle the widest variety of gripping tasks of their own accord.

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